Hi Everybody,
Summer has left us with gold in the trees. Autumn is incoming and I am back on the road. First stop, I’m back home to Ireland next week for a home town gig, then on to Germany for a tour with the brother, Tim, followed by a mini German solo tour in Oct.

Be well, in touch, and enjoy the seasons change and I hope to see you on the road.

x Breno

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Live recording by Patrick Glennon from the Midatlantic Ghost Album launch at the Irish Arts Center

A lovely piece on the new album written by Daniel Neely in the Irish Echo…

Beautiful interview over at about the new album… – Brendan O’Shea – Midatlantic Man

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Thanks so much for the continued support. We are very excited to get this new record out to you all.

breno_frontcoverMIDATLANTIC GHOST
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